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  • SMOK TFV8 Black Drip Tip
  • SMOK TFV8 Black Drip Tip
  • SMOK TFV8 Black Drip Tip

SMOK TFV8 Black Drip Tip

SMOK TFV8 Black Drip Tip

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This Drip Tip is a perfect match with the cloud beast TFV8 Atomizer. It's a delrin drip tip with large caliber and can make massive vapor cloud production a possibility.

SMOK (also known as Smoktech) is the flagship brand of Shenzhen IVPS Technology Corporation Ltd. (called IVPS for short). One of the oldest and most progressive companies in vaping, SMOK has a reputation for pushing the envelope. While many current vapers are familiar with its popular TFV4 sub-ohm tank, it has been broadening vaping’s horizons well before that product’s release. From being one of the first companies to use dual coils, implementing Bluetooth technology into vaping devices, and raising the bar for cloud production in sub-ohm tanks.

SMOK has been one of the vaping businesses true pioneers. With several innovative devices in its catalog, the company has a long and well-earned reputation as one of the vaping industry’s true trailblazers. While many of its competitors copied, it made original products. While many were content to follow trends, it established them. SMOK is responsible for some of the best vaping products available and for pushing the entire industry forward.

Smok - Smoktech

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