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Mr Meringue

Mr Meringue

Brand:Charlie's Chalk Dust
Price in Points:1500
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Cloud of Toasted Meringue atop a pool of buttery & bright lemon curd!

A Swiss heritage elegantly transformed by World Renowned French Pastry Chef Philippe Meringue!

"Life never gives us lemons, lemons are preserved for the sweet taste of my Meringue Pie" Chef Philippe Meringue

Awarded Best E-Liquid Erovape | Madrid


60ml Bottle

Flavour Profile Toasted Meringue Topped with Lemon Curd.
PG Content 30%
VG Content 70%

The finest vapor liquid crafted to perfection. Elegantly smooth blends of savory and sweet flavors, Charlie’s personifies the simple things.

We all know there are some individuals who can tell an interesting story, that's Charlie, an amazing and unique teller of tales. He plays with words as a child plays with a cardboard box exploring every meaning, definition, interpretation and imagination. Although, as he travels through his vernacular spectacular some may become lost in the unbelievable realm in where his mind resides. The only thing we can do to help you understand how Charlie's Chalk Dust was discovered is to transcribe the events that unfolded. A moment in time taken from the writings of Charlie and his interpersonal enlightenment, leading to an accidental discovery.

The benefactors of Charlie's worthless crap stumbled upon two very important items under a pile of chalk dust. Charlie's journal and the piece of paper with the recipes used as a bookmark. Charlie would have never figured out that these recipes would be used to create an eclectic array of vape juices giving undeniable satisfaction to a new set of patrons. The legend, it lives on with Charlie's Chalk Dust.

Charlie's Chalk Dust

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