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  • 2Cousins Tabac
  • 2Cousins Tabac
  • 2Cousins Tabac

2Cousins Tabac

2Cousins Tabac

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2Cousins Tabac, an intoxicating blend of the worlds finest tobaccos.

Any vaper looking for a tobacco based vape with a bit of extra has found a gem in 2Cousins Tabac, tobacco blended with caramel making it a divine vape for all looking for a tobacco based all day vape.

Main Features

  • All products are hand mixed and pre-steeped in New Zealand
  • 30ml
  • 70% VG
  • 30% PG
Flavour Profile An intoxicating blend of the worlds finest tobaccos.
PG Content 30%
VG Content 70%

2 cousins premium e liquid is the result of years of tasting, trial and experimentation by two cousins, James and David Perillo.

They always knew what they wanted however in the veritable sea of products available they struggled to find exactly what they needed. Quite simply nothing too sweet but a rich and deeply satisfying, full flavoured all day vape.

After countless hours of mixing, testing, tasting and vaping, they now pride ourselves on being able to deliver a premium selection of delicious infusions that will provide you with what we believe are some of the finest pre-steeped E-Liquid flavours available.

All 2 cousins liquids are hand mixed, steeped and bottled in Auckland, New Zealand.

They proudly manufacture all our range with quality food safe and FDA approved products that are sourced from around the world for your vaping pleasure

2Cousins Pty Ltd

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